Life in cold blood~

The story of a girl named saft

-- Saft -- [@Fuck you I'm a dragon@] --
1 April 1984
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Name: Saft
Species: Dragon/Human
Age: 19 (She's still considered a hatchling though in Dragon terms)
Favorite colors: Pink, Purples, Blues, Whites
Weaknesses : Cold Weather, Being far too stubborn for her own good. Her neck.
Special Abilities: Often remains in her human form but can change into a huge white dragon when provoked, She also appears to have some mastery over fire and magic though she's only just learnt she can actually do this thanks to being taught by what few living relatives she has from her father's bloodline.
Height: 5'7
Hair: Long Brown with Purple bangs in front
Eyes: Green
Personal Quote: "I've already made up my mind...I'm sorry but as long as that guy's still around, I can't let him get away with that he did."

When she was younger Saft lived with a kindly Kendo master named Talga, who looked after her until he was murdered by a mysterious figure who told her to come and find him, when she felt she was ready to avenge her master's death. He promised they would meet again someday.
Saft exudes a confident and cool attitude even though she always blames herself for her master's death, She often disguises whatever sadness she might feel inside of her with a cheery disposition and urges others to go out and have fun along side of her.
Ever since, She has travelled alone, searching for the mysterious figure so she can finally justify the wrong that been done to her and her only home. From the outside, Saft seems like the normal teenage tomboy, Inside she is a very romanticised character, She strives to be a paragon of strength and nobility. She has a heart of gold and a fierce, unbending loyalty to her friends. As well as much more besides within. On the flip side however Saft is naive and quite gullible. She trusts those around her - often too much, Her strong sense of justice and nobility however often pulls her through the ordeals she faces in life. Like a normal girl Saft is weak as she is strong, Her greatest weakness is that of which lies within herself. Being half-dragon Saft cannot always control her dragon side of her blood which usually arises when she feels she's under a great amount of stress and so she's terrified she'll hurt those around her.